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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  October 25, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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donna gross killing. however, some patients here, despite being mentally ill, did help lead investigators to the suspect. napa state hospital is a low-to- medium security facility that, according to state, cares for seriously mentally ill patient. donna gross is a psychiatric technician for the last 14 years. she was 54. the murder is suspect, 37-year- old jess massey, has been confined to the mental system since 1987. the motive for saturday's attack may have been saturday. >> investigators developed some information through physical evidence and witness statements and determined that jess massey was responsible for the murder. >> reporter: they say this is the first time an employee has been killed on the ground of the 135-year-old holt. although news reports, and employees are saying conditions
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here are unsafe. gross lived in her -- gross lived with her grandchild. her brother said she didn't complain about the job but she considered changes jobs to be closer to family. >> i just talked with her a couple of days. she was with the grandkids. >> reporter: really devoted to the family? >> yeah. and the grandkids are really young, too, so that's really gonna affect them. >> reporter: as you can see, a small memorial for donna gross has been set up by fellow employees. a vigil will be held here tomorrow night. minutes ago, the state department of mental health said safety for employ'ses have been paid -- employees have been made. east bay m.u.d. crews are on the scene of a water break that's flooding an area in emeryville. this is how it looks from newschopper2. the break is in a ten-inch cast
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pipe on home list between powell an 59th. hollis is shut down and traffic on powell is back up. this is a very busy area, particularly at this time of night and powell runs between highway 80 and san pablo. the leak has shut off water to some businesses and will not be able to restore service until crews figure out exactly what caused that leak. as we get more information we'll bring it to you. security is extremely tight at this hour around the fairmont hotel in san francisco. that's where david stevenson is there tonight live outside the hotel with the report. >> reporter: we just learned the main part of the program is scheduled to begin in ten minutes at the fairmont and this fund razor is supposed to raise over -- fund razor is -- fund-raiser is expected to raise a million dollars for democratic candidates. >> i love the first lady an i
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think she represents the best of what america is about right now. >> reporter: 700 die-hard democrats paying anywhere from $500 to $30,000 a ticket filed into the fairmont hotel eager to see first lady michelle obama, dr. jill biden, the vice president's wife, and speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. >> you would be hard-pressed to figure out who to get to get people out here with their check books. >> reporter: the goal is to drum up cash for democrats. the first lady's bay area trip comes a few days after her husband's visit here. >> everybody who has a little bit of cash that they can spend. if they can help natalee nancy pelosi and get the funds in. >> it's the first lady and the second lady and the speaker of the house. so the logistics are just coordinating the heart of the house and the hotel and coordinating with the secret
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service and capital police -- capitol police. >> reporter: you can see one police officer there. there are at least a dozen inside. first lady michelle obama, is expected to attend one other event in san francisco. she will leave the city and head down to los angeles for more fund-raising for democratic candidates. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. senator bayh brother boxer received some -- senator barbara boxer received some help. u.s. senator dianne feinstein joined boxer at a south bay solar plant and praised her record on environment and her role for creating green jobs in california. >> we have right here in the valley, right here and all across california, the innovation, the work force, we have so many pluses. we have to be the country. we must not settle for number 2 when it comes to clean energy.
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>> the latest "l.a. times" polls shows boxer leading carly fiorina, 47% to 41%. if you are voting by mail, you only have until wednesday to get your ballot in the box to ensure it arrives by november 2nd. election officials say those that arrive on the 2nd or those delivered at a polling place are not counted until later in the week. san jose is moving millions of dollars out of bank of america because of the bank pea foreclosure processes. city council members accused bank of america of widespread illegal seizing of homes. they called on the attorneys attorney general and they along with the fbi have launched an investigation. earlier, bank of america put a freeze on foreclosures but have since lifted it. >> our physician is let's reward the banks who do right
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by our homeowners. we're taking the lead. we open other cities will follow as well. >> bank of america says it's completed 700,000 loan modifications since 2008 and that foreclosure is always the last option. weakness in bank of america pushed the financial sector into negative territory. but at the closing bell, the dow closed up at 11,164. the nasdaq finished the day up 11 points. it may be sunny but 300 bay area pg&e customers lost power today bringing back memories of last night's troubles. the power outage paralyzed two b.a.r.t. stations, the oakland police department and the fire station for hours. the question now, what happens to the backup system supposedly in place? patti lee joins us now. she's in oakland with the story. patti? >> well, julie, it turns out there are backup plans in place. according to b.a.r.t.
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and the fire department they worked. now, that's very different from the situation on the east shore highway for the companies who lost power today, their generators kicked in within seconds. at target, the lights were dim. >> it happen about five minutes ago. >> but it was business as usual despite the unexpected power outage. >> we're on emergency power backup. everything is safe. >> reporter: since 8:00 this morning, pg&e crews have been battling this problem. >> it makes me think what would happen if there was an earthquake or something more serious. >> reporter: residents are block the 15,000 bay area -- amongst the 15,000 who lost customers, including b.a.r.t. and the fire station. they have two backup systems. they may have failed yesterday
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but czeched out today. an investigation is in progress. >> oakland is already a precarious place to live sometimes without those systems in place, it can be frightening. >> frustrated residents say it's not enough to find out what wept wrong after the -- what went wrong after the fact. they want to be able to trust that government backup plan. oakland's public works department is looking into the power problem experienced by the fire and police department around are not able to answer how often the backup systems are used through the year. crews of phillip are
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bricking equipment back on -- bringing equipment back online. i want to show you live pictures of the bridge where work was delayed to a week too repair a crane. today, one section, measuring 176 height -- >> we're not goa op unl all four sections are put in. >> over the next year, three more sections will be added to complete the tower that will only be about 30 feet shorter than the washington monument. well, giants' fans are hoping the magic continues wednesday night. the giants take on the texas rangers in the best of seven
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series. john sasaki is live now at at&t park where preparations and practice are underway right now. >> reporter: the home team is on. field wrapping up beating and fielding practice just two days before game one of the world series. the giants' bench coach says the team is just as excited as the fans are and this is what all players dream of. the grounds crew is getting the park ready for the biggest game here in years and the team is getting ready as well. >> hopefully, they prepare the same way, they played extremely well to get to this point. you don't want a change now. there is a lot more hype. everything is heightened because it's the world series but you need to keep those emotions in check. >> reporter: this man's support for the giants prompted a change in color. >> i've been here for 44 years now. and i'm a big giants' fan. i mean, come on! giants in the world series!
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>> reporter: this will most assuredly bring customers to this irish bar. >> it's a tremendous uptick to what we would normally see in the middle of the week. it's a lot of fun. there is a lot of excitement and buzz. >> reporter: fans here agree. >> you got people from all over the place that were never fans really that were coming up and you got all of the die-hards. you have everybody. you are rooting for yu home team. yeah. >> reporter: in union square, the hotels are booked solid. lefty he duel's plans toker is ray tate --er is raw made the team tomorrow night. and you can watch the entire world series right here. game one is wednesday at at&t park. coverage begins at 4:30 p.m., following a 4:00 edition of the ktvu channel 2 news.
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salaries and pensions all on mine. details on the website launched today. who is being tracked and why. plus -- which is better? this or this? knew signage rules that have some cities wincing. that story is still ahead. with the world series around the corner,vy rain in the -- i have rain in the forecast
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traffic is backed up on bay street. we have a crew on the scene for this water main break on powell and hollis street in emeryville. right now, as you can see from these live picture, hollis street is shut down. new federal rules for street signs could cost taxpayers millions of dollars for a small change in lettering. john fouler investigated today. he's here now with the story. >> the federal government is forcing cities to ditch capital letter signs like this in favor of ones like this. so-called title case. capital and small letters which is easier for you to read? the city of berkeley has more than 5,000 street signs. some already comply with new rules. many do not. we asked drivers which version they prefer, all caps or mixed. >> probably all capitals.
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probably be a lot easier to see. people for those visually impaired probably all capitals. >> i prefer the mixed just because i'm used to it. >> federal highway officials say it's about safety, that older drivers have a harder time seeing signs when they are in all capital letters. berkeley city signmaker terry lee says whether ready-made or city-made, it costs up to $100 to make each new sign. his crew just completed hundreds of signs that now must be replaced. new rules will require all traffic signs be reflective. these traffic circle and speed hump signs will have to be replaced. all street signs must comply within seven years or cities lose federal funds. >> probably the worst of all times, we're struggling to get by, the economy's in the toilet. >> reporter: the total has not
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been calculated but it could cost millions of dollars for san francisco where all street signs are in capital. the state proposed this too costly for the benefit signing. we want to hear about the weather. we hear more rain could be on the way. >> oh, yeah. we're gonna be if need of the umbrella. and we have a world series in town this weekend and there's rain that could impact rain two. outside right now, we have the clear coast. mid-60s for most of the bay area. here's how the temperatures look right now. you got overnight lows tonight that are gonna be on the cool side. 7 in santa rosa, these are cool by the way. 40 in napa. that's coming up almost -- you are gonna fine forest ville in the upper 30s for this time of year. as you head the kids off to school and work, it will be
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chilly. there's your next storm right there. the jet stream is kind of a zonal flow. it's coming straight off the pacific. it's a lot of moisture here. it's gonna train in the bay area starting on thursday. will it get here for the -- in time for game two? game two could see some sprinkles. it might be tough to rain it off. i think it's gonna be a soggy night. chance of rain on thursday, by thursday night it gets going. for tomorrow's game, mostly sunny, mostly cloudy. kind after little t of both. 60 degrees out at the ballpark. not that warm but a good night for baseball. the city will look beautiful. the forecasts on the computer model, then we go to tuesday, nice, wednesday, nice. thursday. wednesday night is starts to change. thursday morning, near you go. there's the rain. we have a world series to play right there. watch what happens as we get in the afternoon. computer model is gonna change tonight and it's gonna change tomorrow. right now that's the basic idea. if you are me, you are going
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chance of showers at at&t park. that's what we're doing. i don't know if it's enough to rain it out but it's enough to get you wet out there. the forecast tomorrow morning, patchy fog, cool when you wake up. that's your tuesday forecast. your wednesday forecast, about the same. not a big change. a lot of 60s, the fire daneer's gone. air quality is great. the world series is here. thursday night, tough one. i think it will be wet out. >> right on the cup cuss -- right on the cusp there. if you are curious about how much your city and county government workers get paid, you can visit a new website. the state controller launched the new website, listing the salaries, pension benefits for 594,000 workers. the controller said he will update the website. by next june that website
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should have information on special district and state workers as well. coming up -- what a congressman is asking both the giants and rangers players not to do during the world series games. the giants are back where they belong on the field at at&t park looking calm, relax and ready for game one. we'll have a live preview.
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san francisco giants are be- - and rangers are being asked not to use tobacco products on the field. there's concern about young people being exposed to chew. well, after a weekend of rainy weather it turned out to be a beautiful day for a round of golf in san francisco, especially for a good cause. today, the bay area's sports hall of fame held its 15th annual golf classic at the olympic club. celebrity golfers included vida blue and also al adle.
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that race brings in about 200,000 every year for sports programs around the bay area. i wanted too make sure i pro -- to make sure i pronounced that name correctly. there's so many aspects of the giants game to review with regard to the clencher against philadelphia. we're on the teetering point where we have to stop talking about that and move on with what's going on with the texas rangers. they arrive later 0en today. the giants are working out right now and our fled inglis is -- fred inglis is out there with the progress. fred? >> reporter: giants are just wrapping up about an 80-minute workout here. everybody was calm, relaxed and in good spirits. and why not? they are, of course, going to the world series. there is a bit of news. >> the pitching he retation was
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announced for the world series. as far as the giants are concerned, it will be tim lincecum against cliff lee for the rangers. on thursday, it will be another right-hander, matt cain, who has not pitched since his 3-0 victory over the officiallies last tuesday, followed by jonathan sanchez and then madison baumgartener. the rangers are a much better hitting team than the officials. they outscored 38-19 compared to the giants who were outscored by the phillies phillies in six games, 19-20 the rangers are not just home- run hitters anymore. >> swing the bats well, there's no getting around that. they hit the yankee pitching and even tampa bay, they have tom guys that are swinging the bats well. it will be up to us to
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hopefully pitch well. it will be nice to get these bats going, too. >> reporter: how does tim lincecum become that guy? >> he has a tough way about him. he can't think about who he is going against. he's got enough responsibility going out there and trying to pitch well and win a ballgame for us. >> reporter: andres torres was also on field today. he injured his left leg in the 9th inning of last saturday night's game. but he thinks he'll be ready to go for game one of the world series. fred inglis, ktvu channel 2 news. it's time to vote for the high school game of the week. here's the run june --
6:27 pm that's the sporting life right now. >> thank you, mark. here's what's coming up on bay area news at 7:00. >> reporter: in san francisco people take a stand today against the sit/lie ordinance. coming up, a little known measure on the ballot that puts a twist in the debate. again, the full scorery in 30 minutes on tv36. have a great evening, everyone. >> good night
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